Mary Katherine Fields-Kayaking Desoto Falls

THE BADASS: Mary Katherine Fields
THE ACCOMPLISHMENT: The first female to kayak Desoto Falls (Video Below)

Q: Why Desoto?
A: I wrote Desoto down on a goal’s list I started about a year ago after being there several times setting safety for my friends. One day after watching some of my closest friends, Hunt, Eliot, Kincaid, Simon, and Isaac all run it together, I wanted to feel that same feeling they all had that day. It is a special place for me, and I have had some of my best memories just watching and setting safety for my friends; however, this time I got to run it with my friends and that was an incredible feeling.

Q: After driving all that way, what was going through your head as you watched Hunt run it backwards and Elliot run it sideways?
A: I knew they were beaters all along….don’t let them fool you… (Haha I’m only kidding. I joined the swim club too). I stuck with my gut feeling that I was ready to run it that day. I really wanted it, and I knew I couldn’t let that feeling change by watching someone else mess up. It was one of the most challenging days mentally, but I became a better paddler because of it.

Q: What other waterfalls have you run?
A: I haven’t really run anything that can compare to Desoto. The tallest drop I ran before Desoto was Cannon Falls on Frogtown. I wanted Middle Palguin to be my first waterfall but some geology phenomenon had to go and ruin that for everyone.

Q: Got another waterfalls in mind?
A: Not at the moment. I still have a lot of creeks and rivers I want to check off my list. There is just too much to do.

Q: Favorite pizza toppings?
A: A slice from Lupis Pizza in Chattanooga, TN with avocado, corn, basil, and sundried tomatoes. That this is what I ate before I got my first roll.

Q: If you could have any superpower to use for kayaking what would it be?
A: I would have the power to transform into a flying fish. That would make kayaking possibilities limitless, and who doesn’t want to be able to fly or breath underwater?

Q: How does it feel to be a badass? Do you feel like you intimidate people when you meet them?
A: Well if I could turn into a flying fish that’d be badass, and I would probably intimidate people.

Q: How tall of a waterfall does a guy need to run to get a date with you?
A: I’m the kind of girl that goes for quality over quantity (except for beer…). If a guy runs a quality drop with some quality steez, the digits don’t matter, but I’ll give him mine.