Here is a schedule of where we feel the best spectating will be and when. SAFETY FIRST…make sure you get off the trail when racers are coming through and be sure to practice river safety. The rocks around the river are slick and dangerous. Also please remember it is illegal to drink within 50 feet of the Green River. Anyone and everyone is welcome to come join us at Wilderness Cove Campground. The more we can cheer on the racers the better.

OSKAR BLUES ENDURO (STAGE 3):~12:00PM-1:00PM @ Bluff Trail. We will have a designated spectator area
THE SILVERBACK(kayak):~12:45-~1:30 @ Gorilla
THE SILVERBACK(kayak):~1:15-~2:00 @ Hammer Factor
THE SILVERBACK(bike):~2:30-~3:30 @ Bluff Trail. We will have a designated spectator area
THE SILVERBACK FINISH:~3:00-5:00 @ Wilderness Cove Campground
AWARDS:~3:00 @ Wilderness Cove Campground

BLUFF TRAIL: From Wilderness Cove Campground head up Green River Cove trail for 0.13 miles. Take a right on Bluff Trail. Hike up Bluff Trail a few hundred yard until you see the spectator area. *** WATCH OUT FOR RACERS!!!**** They will be coming down Bluff Trail & Green River Cove Trail, as well as UP Green River Cove Trail.

GORILLA: Please remember when parking you must be completely off the road and have all 4 tires on the right side of the white line. Also it is illegal to drink alcohol within 50 feet of the river in Polk County. Please hike out all trash you bring into the gorge.
Trailhead Directions: From I-26 near Hendersonville, take Upward Rd (exit 22) and go east(away from Hendersonville) about 1.7 miles to Big Hungry Rd (SR1802). Continue east on Big Hungry Road-follow it left at the first Y intersection and then right at the second Y intersection. The trailhead will be about 3 miles down the road, after you have cross Big Hungry Creek. Look for the Pulliam Creek Trailhead on the right. Make sure to park will all tires off the road and on the right side of the white line.
Hiking Directions: The hike begins on the Pulliam Creek Trail. Head down this trail for 1.2 miles. At this point, the Pulliam Trail continues south & east and veers left. Veer right down a steep trail to the foot of the Green River Narrows. The trail is marked by pink ribbons. Caution: this trail is very steep.
Hike carefully down to the river and proceed upstream for the best viewing at Gorilla. Don’t forget to practice river safety and PFDs are suggested.

HAMMER FACTOR:. Fish Stop Parking Lot is 1.3 miles before Wilderness Cove Campground on Green River Cove Road. Park at Fish Stop Parking Lot. The Hammer Factor trail is on river right (if you are looking down stream it is on your right). Look for the signs that point you to the Hammer Factor Trail. You will head upstream from Fish Stop about 1/4 of a mile. Hammer Factor is the biggest rapid you can see. Don’t forget to practice river safety and PFDs are suggested.

WILDERNESS COVE: This year we have designated parking for the Green River Games. Please do not park in the Wilderness Cove Campground parking spots. Follow the signs to GRG parking.
Wilderness Cove Campground & Tubing is 3.6 miles down Green River Cove Road.