Sunday, May 21st 9:00am
Taking you up steep mountain sides to beautiful views and down along the unforgettable Green River, the Big Hungry Half Marathon is one not to miss. With almost 5,000 feet of elevation change, the Big Hungry Half Marathon will put your skills and endurance to the test. Starting at Wilderness Cove Campground the course will wind through the technical and lush landscape of the Green River Game Lands.

$45 (before Thursday 04/01/2017)
$55 (before Thursday 05/19/2017 at 9pm EST)
$65 (after Thursday 05/19/2017 at 9pm EST)


Who’s Racing? 


2016 Half Marathon trails are marked with: YELLOW TAPE
We will have a racer’s meeting at 8:45am at Wilderness Cove Campground.
The Big Hungry Half Marathon with start and finish and Wilderness Cove Campgrounds. The race will mostly be on technical single track with some sections on gravel roads. The trails can be steep, rocky, and root in places.

CLICK HERE for course map

All runners must be in by 1:30pm (4 hours 30 minutes)

There will be a women’s and men’s class for this event.

Top 3 finishers in each class will be awarded prizes.

All athletes must check in and pick up their bibs at registration (click here for registration hours and locations) prior to the race. Each athlete must bring a photo ID and sign a waiver at registration. Family or friends cannot check an athlete in. Registration/Check In closes 30 minutes prior to the event.

Athletes are STRONGLY encouraged to register online. Space is limited for this event. Online registration closes at 9pm on Thursday, September 3rd, 2015. On-site registration is possible for a $15 late registration fee during open hours of Green River Games Registration. All registration and check in closes 30 minutes prior to the event. All athletes must check in and pick up their bibs at registration prior to the event. See Registration hours and locations below.

Check In/Late Registration Hours:
Friday: 3:00-7:00pm at THE GORGE
Saturday: 5:30am-2:30pm at Wilderness Cove Campground
Sunday: 6:30am-9:00am at Wilderness Cove Campground

-There will be restrooms at Wilderness Cove Campground
-There will be 2 aid stations during the course

Parking for this event is at Wilderness Cove Campground

-All racers will start and finish in the same location at Wilderness Cove Campground.
-Racers will be sent out in one mass start. Start positions will not be pre-determined and it is up to the racer to get in desired location.
-Numbers must be visible on the outside and front of racers’ clothing
-Any runner dropping out of the race must notify a volunteer. The athlete will be responsible for paying a large bill if Search and Rescue is sent out on their behalf and they are not on the race course.
-Absolutely no littering
-Only attempt to pass another runner when it is safe for both of you. When passing make every attempt to pass on their left, unless it is unsafe. Announce your are passing by saying, passing on you left.
-Each racer must complete the course under his/her own power. No physical aids are allowed including ski poles, walking sticks.
-No tripping, shoving, or horseplay will be tolerated during the race and can be reason for disqualification.
-Racers must follow all federal,state, and local laws at regulations at all time during The Green River Games
-Racers must sign a waiver before being cleared to race
-Racers are encouraged to carry their own water.