Exhibition events are essentially competitions we can’t fit into the Green River Games May 20th-21st weekend, but feel still need to happen. These events have a variety of formats and won’t all necessarily take place in the Green River Gorge. One thing they will all have in common is showcasing world-class athletes making it happen here in the Southeast!


Compared to last year the scoring of this year’s Rodeo was a lot tighter. The top 6 were all within 2 points of each other and the top 3 were decided by less than a point. Lots of creativity was displayed, new ideas were hatched and everyone had a blast! Congrats to all and already looking forward to next year!
Overall Results:
1: Pat Keller – 8:03
2: Al Gregory – 7.40
3. Robbie Gilson – 6.62
4. Hunter Cooper – 6.60
5. Holt McWhirt – 6.20
6. Bernie Engleman – 6.0
7. Corey Steele – 5.8
8. John Keller – 5.1
9. Jack Singleton – 4.8
10 Ben Drew – 3.8

The Green River Rodeo is a free-form kayaking competition built around nontraditional freestyle. Essentially a group jam session. Competitors will meet at Green River Access Fund Parking lot at 9:30a. Please have all shuttle set. At 10 am we will announce four sections/rapids of the river the competition will be held on. As a unit the competitors/judges/film crew will move to each specified section of river and each athlete will get two scored runs (1 being lowest, 10 being highest) on that part of the river. The highest scoring run will count. There will be a 30 minute break while judges/camera crew get set up at the next spot and the format will repeat. After the event an awards party will be held where a winner will be crowned.

The Green River Narrows of course.

The Green River Rodeo will be held on August 1, 2015 at 10am. Awards and beverages will be handed out at the takeout following the event.

Please note Gorilla will NOT be scored in the rodeo. Anyone who feels they are qualified are welcome to participate. Registration will close Thursday, July 29th at 9PM.

– A video submission is required to enter the Green River Rodeo. Simply post a video of yourself performing any kind of downriver freestyle move to Facebook and tag Green River Games.
– By entering, the submitter agrees to be bound by the rules and decision of the judges in all respects. Judges can disqualify anyone at anytime for any reason, have complete omnipotent control and any questioning of the judges results in immediate disqualification if the judges so desire.

Untold millions, unimaginable fame, incredulous glory, around the world cruises, safaris, etc….