Saturday May 19th at 12:00 PM

ALL racers must be checked in by 11:00AM down at Wilderness Cove Campground (early bib pick up available-see registration). There will be NO check-in/bib pick up at the the start(Upper Green Parking Lot).
Mandatory racers meeting at 11:00AM at the Wilderness Cove.

$35 (before 04/01/2018)
$40 (before Thursday 05/17/2018 at 9pm EST)
$55 (after 05/17/2018 at 9pm EST)


The Bridge to Bridge race will begin at the “Upper Green” put-in right below the Tuxedo Hydro-station. The race will continue down 8 miles of the Green River through the “Upper”, the “Narrows” and 1 mile of the “Lower” Green River. The finish will be on river right at Wilderness Cove Campground right past the 1st bridge over the Green River. Starting in one minute intervals the racers will be on there own navigating this beautiful section of river. All racers must be able to paddle class 5 whitewater. The Bridge to Bridge race will be starting with THE SILVERBACK racers.
For more information on access points and river description, CLICK HERE.

Men’s K1
Women’s K1
All Men’s Team
All Women’s Team
Coed Team

Top 3 finishers in each division will be awarded prizes. There must be 3 participants in each division to consider it a class.

Check In for the Bridge to Bridge Race will be at the Wilderness Cove Campground starting at 6:30AM. All racers must be checked in, waivers signed, and bibs picked up NO LATER than 10:00AM race day. Racer can also go to regular registration hours on Friday and Saturday to check in or for late registration.
All athletes are required to attend a mandatory Racers Meeting at 10:30 AM at “Upper Green” put-in parking lot. This is where the starting order will be announced. Gear must be checked and cleared prior to this meeting. We will be helping with shuttle from Wilderness Cove Campground. There is very limited parking at the put in so we ask that no one parks there.

If you are not already, please become a member of Green River Access Fund.

Athletes are STRONGLY encouraged to register online. Online registration closes at 9pm on Thursday, May 17th, 2018. On-site registration is possible for a $15 late registration fee during open hours of Green River Games Registration. See Registration hours and locations below.

Registration will be open:
Saturday: 6:30am-10:30pm at Wilderness Cove Campground

Due to the VERY limited parking at the Upper put in parking lot, we ask that everyone parks at the Wilderness Cove Campground(finish) and shuttles to the put in. Green River Games will be helping with shuttles to the put in.

-All contestants are required to wear: Coast Guard approved PFD, helmet, and protective footwear at all times
-Racers must supply all their own gear
-Racers must be skilled class 5 boaters
-Racers must be competent swimmers
-Racers must understand moving current and the dangers it posses
-Racers must follow all federal,state, and local laws at regulations at all time during The Green River Games
-Racers must sign a waiver and have their gear checked before being cleared to race